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by Wendy on October 7, 2015

Vincent introduces the Misono UX10 Hollow Ground Knives! The Misono UX10 Hollow Ground Knives will be available for purchase during the Misono event which takes place 10/17-10/19.

Mr. Shimizu, President of Misono, will be at Korin NYC during those 3 days. Be sure to stop by! There will be hands-on knife sharpening lesson for 24 lucky guest, discounts on all Misono knives, raffle drawings and much more. RSVP & for more details visit facebook.com/korinknives/events

Also, head over to Instagram for our October Instagram Contest! Post an awesome picture of a Misono knife with a caption explaining why you love Misono. The best picture and caption will be the winner! Make sure to tag us @KorinKnives & ‪#‎KorinMisono‬ for a chance to win a Misono Molybdenum 8.2″ Chef Knife! Winner will be chosen on October 19th!
For more details visit http://korin.com/InstagramMisono


Chef’s Choice!

by Mari on September 10, 2015


Top Chefs Reveal Secrets to Culinary Success

Chef’s Choice is a collection of 22 mini memoirs that is at once an inspiration for aspiring student, professional, and home chefs as well as an insightful and entertaining behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to succeed in the hyper-competitive restaurant and hospitality industry. Since Saori Kawano opened Korin Japanese Trading, a NYC restaurant supply company, in 1982, she has made friends with many of the world’s most accomplished chefs, several of whom agreed to share with her the elements that make up their culinary and business success. In their own words, these kitchen luminaries tell about their influences and mentors, the techniques and Japanese ingredients that inspire them, tools they can’t work without, their unflagging devotion to the most stringent standards of service, and the pivotal role Japanese food culture has played in their cuisine and professional development. Like no other book, Chef’s Choice explains how Japanese food culture has changed culinary education and set new standards for Western cuisine, professional kitchens, and the modern dining experience.


Nobu Matsuhisa • David Bouley • Eric Ripert • Marcus Samuelsson • Michael Romano • Lee Anne Wong • Michael Anthony • Wylie Dufresne • Toshio Suzuki • Ben Pollinger • Toni Robertson • Eddy Leroux • Nils Norén • Yosuke Suga • Shinichiro Takagi • Suvir Saran • David Myers • Noriyuki Sugie • Elizabeth Andoh • Barry Wine • James Wierzelewski • Ben Flatt


Saori Kawano is the founder and president of Korin Japanese Trading Corp. and the founder of The Gohan Society, a non-profit organization whose mission is to enhance the exchange of culinary culture between Japan and the United States.

Don Gabor is a professional speaker, networking expert, and the author of 12 books published by Simon & Schuster, Random House, McGraw-Hill, and others. The New Yorker called Don “a gifted conversationalist.”

To purchase Chef’s Choice, please follow the link below:


Nenox Petty with Giraffe Bone Handle!

by Wendy on September 3, 2015

Custom special made Nenox Petty with Giraffe Bone Handle for one of our staff members!



How to light Binchotan charcoal

September 2, 2015

Allow the Binchotan charcoal sit over a direct flame for 30 minutes to an hour. Korin recommends using a binchotan starter pan for convenience. Fan the charcoal to heat faster. Binchotan charcoal has become so popular lately that it is fast becoming a precious commodity. Its veteran makers are aging, and as supplies of ubame oak, [...]

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Featuring the NEW Non Slip Stainless Kitchen Scissors

August 27, 2015

15% Off Selected Kitchenware throughout August! Featuring the NEW Non Slip Stainless Kitchen Scissors. One of the most essential tools for any professional is an excellent pair of all purpose kitchen scissors. Korin’s non-slip stainless steel kitchen scissors are ideal for a variety of cutting tasks. These durable pair of kitchen scissors come apart easily [...]

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Featuring our Charcoal Konro Grill!

August 26, 2015

Nothing tastes quite like charcoal grilled chicken skewers or yakitori. Now you can make delicious yakitori and other grilled dishes on your patio tabletop with this convenient Japanese style charcoal grill. Japanese charcoal (binchotan) tends to burn cleaner and hotter than the usual briquettes and can be used at the table, so no one misses [...]

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Featuring the NEW Set of 3 Plating Tweezers

August 24, 2015

15% Off Selected Kitchenware throughout August! Featuring the NEW Set of 3 Plating Tweezers. This set of plating tweezers are perfect for working with delicate ingredients. Equally well suited for removing hard to reach fish bones and arranging small, sensitive ingredients such as micro-greens, these versatile tweezers have a reputation for precision and control. MAKE [...]

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Featuring our NEW Fan for Konro Grills!

August 21, 2015

Featuring our NEW Fan for Konro Grills! One of the biggest merits to using binchotan is that it produces consistent heat that can be easily controlled. It will get hotter while being fanned, and resume to previous temperature once you stop fanning. Use this large festive red fan to impress guests and utilize binchotan charcoal [...]

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Featuring the NEW Dual Kitchen Timer

August 18, 2015

15% Off Selected Kitchenware throughout August! Featuring the NEW Dual Kitchen Timer. Timing is everything when it comes to perfectly cooked meals. The Dual Kitchen Timer allows you to multitask without accidentally forgetting. Not only is the dual timer convenient for the busy commercial kitchen, but it also features a magnetic backing and hanging tab [...]

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Featuring the Handmade Vegetable Mold

August 17, 2015

15% Off Selected Kitchenware throughout August! Featuring the Handmade Vegetable Mold. Available in Leaf, Momiji, Sakura and Sasa shapes. MAKE IT YOURS: http://korin.com/Kitchenware_2/molds_2 Head over to Instagram and show off your kitchen utensil(s) from Korin and tell us the benefits of having it! Make sure to tag us @KorinKnives & ‪#‎KorinKitchenHelp‬ for a chance to [...]

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