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Happy Friday everyone!

We will be having a 2 week special, featuring:
Set of 2 Ile des Pins Teacups with Jacques Torres Wicked Hot Chocolate (18 oz tin).

Available from February 3rd to February 16th with 40% off.

May you and your significant other enjoy each others company as you drink your cup of hot chocolate by the world acclaimed chocolatier “Jacques Torres”.



Togiharu PRO

by KORIN on January 9, 2012

Togiharu PRO
We are proud to announce Misono’s very first collaboration with another brand! Although the material used is similar to the Misono 440, the edge retention of the Togiharu PRO alls between the Misono 440 and the UX10, due to how the the Togiharu PRO is hand finished using a better steel than the Misono 440. These exclusive knives even come with a wooden sheath! We could not have been more honored to coproduce the Togiharu PRO with one of the most distinguished knife company, Misono.

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Hayate Kizuna Limited Edition Knives

by KORIN on December 22, 2011

To show our appreciation to our dear customers, we would like to invite you to our in-store only special event.

We have a highly limited Hayate Kizuna knives for sell at $195 each! There are several styles, but only very few of each type. Be sure to make your way downtown New York to the Korin showroom and purchase this exclusive knives!

These special knives are not sold on our website or by phone. This is a in-store event only.

Mr. Doi, one of the most skillful knife craft men in Japan is going to retire by the end of this year and Susin put some great Hayate knives aside specially for Korin. ”KIZUNA” (絆) means strong bond between Mr. Doi (Susin) & Korin. This is a great deal for those who know how great Hayate knives are and now you can purchase them with incredibly low price.Korin showroom is located at:

57 Warren Street
New York, NY 10007

We are open 7 days a week [Monday-Friday from 10AM - 7PM, Saturday & Sunday 10AM - 6PM]
We will be closed on Christmas Day 12/25/11, New Years Eve 12/31/11 & New Years Day 1/1/12

You definitely don’t want to miss this amazing chance to own this limited edition Hayate Kizuna!

These Hayate Kizuna are made out of blue steel carbon #2 and saya cover is included.
Yanagi we have 10.5″ and 11.7″.
Kiritsuke we have 9.4″ and 10.5″


Lucky Cat & Wishful Daruma Doll

December 13, 2011

Korin now has these adorable Lucky Cats “Maneki Neko” & Wishful Daruma Dolls; in store only. Lucky Cats: Small, double Cats [8.75"] $28 Medium Cat [12.75"] TBD Large Cat [15.75"] $40 The Maneki Neko [also known as Welcoming Cat, Lucky Cat, Money Cat or Fortune Cat]. It  is a common Japanese sculpture which is believed [...]

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Nenox Corian Limited Edition Petty

December 5, 2011

The newest addition to our Nenohi Nenox collection, these Colored Corian Nenox petty knives are made from the highest grade Nenox high-carbon, stain-resistant steel and comes pre-sharpened with a hand-finished edge. While paying careful attention to detail with the blade, Nenohi has paired their handles with DuPont Corian technology to make the most efficient and [...]

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Nenox Blue Limited Edition Knives

November 22, 2011

All chefs know that Nenox knives are the luxury brand of knives. Famous chefs all over the world, such as the Iron Chef winner Chef Morimoto love these Nenox knives. Between their long lasting edge retention, and their exquisite handles that vary between black paper micarta to buffalo horns, they are sure to make the [...]

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Orange Suisin Knives

November 7, 2011

The Korin Suisin Special Inox Orange Handle knife was created to have all the features that a professional knife should have. They are high-performance and easy to maintain and re-sharpen, perfect for both home-use and professional-use. The special-grade AUS10 steel used in making these blades has a much higher carbon content than other stainless steel [...]

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Nenohi Nenox Green Limited Edition Knives

October 21, 2011

It’s hard to improve upon something as great as Nenohi Nenox knives. From their high-carbon stainless blades to their ergonomic and elegant design, they are a testament to the quality of Nenohi. Nenohi’s very limited run of the Green-handled Nenox knives have just arrived. They feature a handle made of molded calf bone and DuPont [...]

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Knife Master Keijiro Doi’s Final 30 Blades

July 12, 2011

  Korin is honored to offer world renown knife master Keijiro Doi’s final 30 hand forged knife blades.  Dubbed the Suisin Hayate Final Edition, these blades are available by pre-sale at Korin. The 86 year-old craftsman is widely considered to be one of the finest knife blacksmiths who has ever lived and was awarded the [...]

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