Open on Memorial Day

by Wendy on May 27, 2016

We are open on Memorial Day from 10am-6pm! Come visit us and save 20% off all case binchotan charcoal & stock up with buy 10 cases get an additional case free! Stock up for the long BBQ weekend!



Taste the rainbow!

by Wendy on May 26, 2016

Taste the rainbow! Re-sharing photo from Chef Chris beautiful Nenox collection. Thank you for your support!



Jet Rice Washer demonstration

by Wendy on May 25, 2016

A demonstration on how to use the Jet Rice Washer (TK-102-14). This machine can wash 50 cups of rice in 2-4 minutes.


Beautiful presentation from Indian Accent

May 25, 2016

Re-sharing photo from Indian Accent Beautiful presentation of soy keema, quail egg, lime leaf butter pao in Korin’s brown spiral lidded bowl

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Nenohi Wa

May 24, 2016

The Nenohi Wa-series is one of the newest line of Nenohi brand knives. These elegant knives feature a high carbon stain resistant alloy 70:30 western blade on a traditional Japanese magnolia wood handle with a water buffalo horn bolster. Highly recommended for those who enjoy the larger traditional Japanese handles but prefer a western style blade. [...]

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Summer is right around the corner!

May 19, 2016

Summer is right around the corner! SAVE 20% OFF KONRO GRILLS AND CASE CHARCOAL. Stock up on charcoal with buy 10 cases get 1 case free! Shop now in-store and online!

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The Franklin Room – house-made Melon Frozen Yogurt

May 18, 2016

A great looking dish belongs on a canvas! Re-sharing photo from The Franklin Room. New house-made Melon Frozen Yogurt with cantaloupe, honeydew, whipped cream and cocoa powder in Korin’s Mikage Stone Lidded Bowl.

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Nenohi Blue Steel #2 Honyaki Full Mirror Finished Yanagi with Red Bone Handle

May 17, 2016

Custom made Nenohi Blue Steel #2 Honyaki Full Mirror Finished Yanagi with Red Bone Handle for Chef Chris

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Premium Japanese Tea now available

May 16, 2016

New Arrival! Premium Japanese Tea now available in store only! 5 different tea available: Macha, Hojicha, Genmaicha, Sencha and Gyokuro.

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Nailed Round Shark Skin Grater

May 12, 2016

Shark skin is the favored material for grating wasabi. The abrasive surface is ideal for breaking down the dense texture of wasabi root, allowing the wasabi to release its full flavor potential. The traditional wood and shark skin construction is durable and aesthetically pleasing, making it the perfect addition to your professional or home kitchen. [...]

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