by Wendy on June 5, 2015


From last night’s The Gohan Society Gala dinner! Uni dish by David Bouley.


Masamoto Kurouchi Nakiri

by Wendy on June 3, 2015


One of Korin’s newest knives, the Masamoto kurouchi nakiri! This piece is made out of carbon steel and beautifully handled with a traditional magnolia wood handle.


Nenox Handles

by Wendy on June 2, 2015


One of the things makes Nenox so incredibly popular are the beautiful handcrafted handles. Because Nenox uses hand dyed cow bone and natural ironwood, each piece looks completely different.


Limited Editional Nenox Carbon Fiber Series

June 1, 2015

Grab a Korin exclusive Nenox Carbon fiber knife while supplies last! The first batch of 30 all have limited edition serial numbers engraved on the bottom. http://korin.com/Knives/Nenox_Carbon_Fiber

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Dragon Pocket Knife

May 29, 2015

Exclusive handcrafted pocket knife with a single piece construction hand carved dragon handle by the famous Master Nakayama!

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New Korin Tableware & Kitchenware Catalog Now Available for Download!

May 28, 2015
Thumbnail image for New Korin Tableware & Kitchenware Catalog Now Available for Download!

Since the last print of Korin’s tableware & kitchenware catalog in 2013, the selection of products now available have vastly increased. Please take a moment and browse through 200 pages of products and content in our downloadable pdf version of our greatest catalog yet! Please click here to download the latest catalog!

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Traditional Japanese Chest Drawers Now Available!

May 28, 2015
Thumbnail image for Traditional Japanese Chest Drawers Now Available!

Korin continuously strives to provide customers with unique, beautiful and elegant Japanese pieces. Now available for special order are Korin’s newest line of products, the traditional Japanese chest drawers! Please click here for more information.

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Traditional Japanese Chip Repair

May 27, 2015

Chipped your knife so badly that it turned into a serrated knife? Not to worry! Korin’s knife master has been professionally trained under several top blade makers and sharpeners in Japan for over 10 years. Send in your knives to Korin for sharpening and repairs!

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Steamed wakasa tilefish with cherry blossoms

May 26, 2015

  Inside of the lightly salted cherry tree leaf, is a steamed and crushed glutinous rice flavored in preserved cherry blossoms wrapped in thin layers of wakasa tilefish. Wakasa tilefish is a staple of Kyoto cuisine, especially in the spring! By one of Japan’s most famous kaiseki restaurants, Kikunoi’s Chef Murata.

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Staff Pick: Zojirushi Gourmet Electric Skillet

March 22, 2013

Friday Staff Pick Day – Yusei likes the Zojirushi Gourmet Electric Skillet. “You can enjoy BBQ, hot pot and steamer with this electric skillet. It is easy to use with temperature control and easy to cleaning with it’s titanium ceramic non-stick coating. This is a very convenient skillet to have for the home.”  

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