Nenohi Nenox Green Limited Edition Knives

by KORIN on October 21, 2011

It’s hard to improve upon something as great as Nenohi Nenox knives. From their high-carbon stainless blades to their ergonomic and elegant design, they are a testament to the quality of Nenohi.

Nenohi’s very limited run of the Green-handled Nenox knives have just arrived. They feature a handle made of molded calf bone and DuPont Corian. The natural material lends a radiant, warm feel to the handle, and its beautiful color resembles the luster of an emerald.

Our supplies are extremely limited, so we recommend calling us directly at 800-626-2172 if you are interested in acquiring one of these stunning knives.

We currently have one of each of the 3 models in stock:

HNE-SG-G-210 Nenohi Nenox Green Handle Gyutou 8.2″ (21cm) $732.00
HNE-SG-YD-165 Nenohi Nenox Green Handle Yo-deba 6.4″ (16.5cm) $788
HNE-SG-P-150 Nenohi Nenox Green Handle Petty 5.9″ (150mm) $432


Chef Julian Alonzo – Brasserie 8 1/2, NY

by KORIN on April 2, 2011

“That’s why I get Mr. Sugai to come over and show them how to sharpen the knives, show them how easy it is”

Julian Alonzo had the rare experience of working full-time for Chef David Bouley at Montrachet in NYC when he was sixteen. After high school, he spent his days studying at the French Culinary Institute and his nights working for Chef Ruggerio at New York’s famed La Caravelle. After cooking around the world, Alonzo returned to NYC where he continues to shine as the Executive Chef of Brasserie 81⁄2.


What do your knives mean to you?

I think you definitely have to be very disciplined as a chef to sharpen all your knives. A lot of my chefs come here with sharp knives, and then by week two they are dull. That’s why I get Mr. Sugai to come over and show them how to sharpen the knives, show them how easy it is. For me, I think that’s the most important thing as a chef: to have a very sharp knife.


What do you like about Japanese knives?

Japanese knives are so unbelievably sharp. If you maintain them, you could use them for 30 years. The knife that I use the most is the Korin Nenox slicer. I use it every day; it’s a knife I can’t work without…..and it’s absolutely beautiful! Another one of my favorite knives that I got at Korin is a Glestain petty. That knife rocks; it’s unbelievable. Another one that I use a lot is the Suisin Inox Wa-Gyutou. It’s a very easy knife to use, very sharp.